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Extended Lifespan

Excellent Heat Resistance


Voltec is a highly reliable automotive battery that works under any circumstances. The internal rust-free calcium metal provides excellent heat resistance and strong immunity against any drastic temperamental changes.
This premium heavy-duty battery is engineered with maintenance-free design and materials, providing stable performance without ever refilling the electrolyte or adding water throughout the entire lifespan.
Key Features includes:
  • Excellent Heat Resistance
  • High Performance
  • Maintenance-Free
  • Built-In Indicator
Size Trade-In Price Warranty
40B19L 180.00 12 Months
50B24R 200.00 12 Months
50B24RS 200.00 12 Months
50B24L 200.00 12 Months
50B24LS 200.00 12 Months
75D23L 285.00 12 Months
75D26R 280.00 12 Months
75D26LS 280.00 12 Months
105D31L 340.00 6 Months
105D31R 340.00 6 Months
DIN55L (55559) 275.00 12 Months
DIN55R (55559) 275.00 12 Months
DIN74L (57412) 355.00 12 Months
DIN100L (60038) 490.00 12 Months
N100 375.00 6 Months



Voltec Titanium is a premium automotive battery that delivers improved performance and enhanced output. It has a higher cold cranking amperage (CCA) rating and higher reserve capacity. These features have been engineered to make it ideal for vehicles with high electrical demands, which means it can provide consistent power and better output for longer periods of time.
Key Features includes:
  • Enhanced & Stable Engine Operation
  • High Performance
  • Maintenance-free
  • Higher cold cranking amperage (CCA) rating
  • Built-In Indicator
Size Trade-In Price Warranty
50B19L 240.00 18 Months
65B24R 270.00 18 Months
65B24RS 270.00 18 Months
65B24L 270.00 18 Months
65B24LS 270.00 18 Months
95D26L 385.00 18 Months
95D26R 385.00 18 Months
95D23L 390.00 18 Months
125D31L 425.00 9 Months
125D31R 425.00 9 Months
DIN65R 375.00 18 Months
DIN65L 375.00 18 Months
DIN74L 480.00 18 Months
DIN80L 545.00 18 Months
DIN100L 610.00 18 Months



Voltec Titanium AGM batteries provide superior performance and more consistent power output than traditional flooded lead-acid batteries. They feature absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology, which makes this maintenance-free battery more resistant to vibration and extreme temperatures. Therefore, this battery is ideal for vehicles that are frequently driven in harsh conditions.
Key Features includes:
  • Absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology
  • Stable and consistent power supply
  • High Performance
  • Longer lifespan
  • Higher charging/discharging efficiency
  • Built-In Indicator
Size Trade-In Price Warranty
DIN80L (LN4) 955.00 12 Months
DIN100L (LN5) 1040.00 12 Months



Voltec Hybrid WET is a reliable and affordable automotive battery. It is engineered with a distinctive lead calcium alloy technology, making the batteries provide reliable power for a longer period of time. This is because the lead calcium alloy in the battery is less corrosive than other types of lead alloys, which means that the terminals and posts of the battery are less likely to corrode, which extends the life of the battery.
Size Trade-In Price Warranty
NS40ZL 165.00 12 Months
NS60S 175.00 12 Months
NS60LS 175.00 12 Months
65D23L 255.00 12 Months
NS70 250.00 12 Months
NS70L 250.00 12 Months
NX120-7 330.00 6 Months
NX120-7L 330.00 6 Months
DIN55R 255.00 12 Months
DIN55L 255.00 12 Months
N120 (130F51) 430.00 6 Months
N150 (155G51) 510.00 6 Months
N200 (200H52) 700.00 6 Months
DIN B (67018) 570.00 6 Months


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