Among the car components that we thought were exceptionally basic, but when it is harmed, it can make us could not stay calm is the car battery. Imagine you need to rush but when the car is turned on it does not since the battery is dead.


When the key is turned, a sound will come out. That implies your battery has died or is damaged! As a vehicle owner, you must continuously pay attention and maintain the car battery at all times.


So what is the function of a car battery? In simple language, it supplies the electric current to start the engine. In addition, it also stores electrical load for use when the engine is not operating.


Check The Battery Water Level

This step is suitable for one who uses wet-cell batteries instead of maintenance-free free batteries. Wet cell batteries require distilled water added from time to time.


Less distilled water in the battery over a long period will result in a shorter battery lifespan than it should. Make sure the battery water reaches a level slightly below the maximum.


How to fill in the battery with distilled water? All you have to do is open the lid and fill it with battery water that you can find from a nearby gas station or at Shopee.

Clean The Battery Terminal


Each battery will have positive (+) and negative (-) terminals that you need to clean. This is because the sediment on the terminal will cause the battery charge not reach and the vehicle cannot be started.


How to clean battery terminals;

• Disconnect the extension cable from the battery terminal and keep it away from the battery terminal.

 Clean the terminals using a wire brush with a mixture of water and bicarbonate of soda.

• Rub gently until it is clean from traces of acid salts.

• Do not use a hammer when reinstalling the connection to the battery terminal.

• Loosen the connection screws to facilitate the screw installation.