Engine Oil Treatment? Shares a Black & Rusty Engine Caused By It!

Since most founders in the automotive sector are racing to release service products for cars but not necessarily all products from third parties or each founder is good for your car. One of them is the engine oil treatment.


There may be some products and tips given on useful social media, but there are also many tips and tricks that can make your car worse and more damaged.


Once the car has a problem and is damaged, the price to pay is not a small amount. The same goes for oil treatment that some vehicle users like to do. He said this oil treatment is good for car engines. As promised if you do oil treatment, it can increase engine performance and also reduce car oil consumption. What do you think, can you believe this?


oil treatment punca enjin rosak




Recently, this young man shared a picture of an Axia car engine that is dirty, black, and also has a crust caused by the oil treatment. As stated in the post, he said this is not the first time that the car engine of some vehicle users has become like this due to oil treatment.


Although many people already know that this oil treatment has problematic and dirty car engines, there are still many people who believe and do the treatment for car engines.


If you do oil treatment and put the liquid into the car engine, in addition to the effect of a dirty engine, it will also make the engine performance drop sharply. If your luck is not good, you have to overhaul the car. There’s nothing wrong with flying money!

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