As easy as 123! Here Is How To Remove Car Roadtax Without Leaving Glue Stain On The Mirror

As usual every year every car owner has to renew their road tax, the most challenging part is when you want to remove it right? Phew, if the glue stain of the road tax sticks to your car mirror, it looks smudged and messy. Who has experienced this?


Usually, the sticker can shrink due to weather factors are hot for a while and then rain. When the weather is sometimes hot or rainy it can affect it to become shrink or expand quickly until it becomes difficult to remove from the car mirror.


kesan gam roadtax pada cermin kereta


So, this time we will share with you some easy ways to remove it without leaving any traces of glue on the car mirror. Let’s read the full article below:




cara tanggal roadtax kereta


1. Soak a cloth in hot water, it is best to use a micro fibre cloth to avoid scratching the car mirror

2. Place the hot cloth on the outside of the mirror, right above the sticker.

3. Leave it for 5-10 minutes to make sure the glue melts.

4. After 5-10 minutes remove your road tax slowly.

5. Once you remove your road tax, you can see on the car mirror there will be not a single trace of glue left.


There’s no need to scrape off the glue on the car mirror, just scratch the car mirror. Good luck! Tried it, but don’t forget the BateriHub Tag okay?

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