Never take it as something not important about the items or things that you keep and store in the car there are few illegal things to keep in your car. Even if you have a small or have a car of any size, you need to focus on the safety of your car.


Don’t make the car exactly like your second house, every time you see a space in the car you will keep as many things inside it. If you can store the washing machine in your vehicle.  We guess maybe you’ve already stored it in your car too.


As we know, the car is the most important transportation that we use in our everyday life. If you don’t have a car, you have nowhere to go. As there is still the majority of people in Malaysia who do not depend on public transport.


It’s not that you can’t store or keep your things in the car. You can but you have to know whether the items are safe or not to be stored in the car.

Here are 10 items that are ILLEGAL if stored in the car.


Any kind of electronic goods is not allowed to be stored in the car. Not only will the phone be robbed but the hot weather from the outside can damage your cell phone.

Many cases in the news have also identified that mobile phone occurred cars to catch fire because of the hot weather.


Plastic bottle

Since plastic is made of petroleum materials, it has the potential to make hazardous substances in plastic bottles seep into water if stored in too hot weather. If you drink water that is contaminated with the substance, it can affect your body’s health.


As you know the medicine should be stored at room temperature or in the refrigerator only. Medicines should not be stored in hot weather as they can change the molecular structure of medicines.


Inside the lighter, it has a liquid that can cause it to be flammable. Even though the size of the lighter is small in size but the potential for it to cause severe fires is huge.


Perfume is best if you keep it at room temperature and away from the sun. If you kind of keep the perfume in the car in hot weather.  It can change the smell of the perfume. The smell of your perfume wont is the same as the original one when you purchased it at first.


This lipstick is what women usually keep in the car, right? If you don’t want your lipstick to melt just like that. It’s better not to keep it in the car. Girls! Save your money, lipstick is not cheap.



Important document

Although it seems trivial it is very important not to put documents or letters in the car. If a robber or thief robbed your car, it is possible that they can use the data in the letters and documents to do something bad to you.


CDs and DVDs are the most fragile things and need to be taken care of. it can cause such CDs and DVDs to curve and can no longer be used. If the object is exposed to sunlight for too long.


Did you know that if you keep eye specs in the car it can cause the specs and glasses to change size? Maybe when you wear the specs it will feel a little loose after being stored or sunbathed under hot weather for too long.

Hair Spray

It doesn’t matter if the hair sprayer or any other type feels in the iron container. Never keep it in the car because it can cause the spray can to explode and burn.

Those are some of the items that you are not allowed to keep in the car for a long period.